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A baby in the British Parliament .. A female MP escorted her child while discussing maternity leave

In a funny shot, British MP Stella Creasy brought her baby during a session of the House of Commons to discuss "maternity leave" for parliamentarians, and enabling participation for women MPs with young children, according to the British newspaper, "Metro".

Stella Creasy, who represents the opposition Labor Party, gave birth to her second child earlier this year, and has become an ardent campaigner for better maternity practices for women MPs.

The newborn appeared strapped to an MP's chest when she urged Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg to take action to empower female MPs with young children and asked the Speaker to convene an all-party assembly to ensure the law on maternity leave was upheld. He directed the deputy to congratulate her on the behavior of her baby, who remained calm during the session.

Ms Chrissy, 44, who has now had two children since becoming an MP, warned that new mothers would be 'reprimanded' rather than support when they return to Parliament.

Earlier this year, members of Parliament passed a new law that grants ministers six months of maternity leave with full pay, but does not include members of the House of Representatives.

It is worth noting that the MP had another precedent, when she first appeared carrying her two-week-old daughter, Hetty, in December 2019, and delivered a winning speech in the British election, after she was overwhelmingly re-elected with a seat in Walthamstow in the general election.