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Austrian Chancellor: 70% have received Corona vaccines and extensive restrictions in winter sports areas

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed that 70% of people over the age of 12 in Austria, in addition to the vast majority of tourists in the country, have been vaccinated with Corona vaccines, considering that there is nothing to prevent them from spending a safe holiday in his country.

Kurz said - in statements today, Saturday - that stressing the need to take the vaccine is a necessity, especially with the start of the winter sports season in the country, noting that the vaccine will provide a safe winter in Austria, explaining that restricting ski sports and limiting it to vaccinators is the closest option for the government to deal With the epidemiological challenges in the coming winter, he pointed out that the skiing sites and the parties that follow them will not become active areas for the spread of the Corona epidemic again.

He added that the statistics, unfortunately, still indicate that the vaccination rate is low in some Alpine populations in the states of Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia and Vorarlberg, which are mainly frequented by winter tourists.

It is noteworthy that the beginning of the Corona epidemic last year started from the Austrian ski resort “Ichgl” and the epidemic spread from it to all countries of Europe, which made Austria, through lawsuits, claim huge compensation for damages from the families of the deceased.