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Bulgarian President announces that presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on November 14

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev announced that the country's third parliamentary elections in less than a year will be held on November 14, in addition to the scheduled presidential elections.

The Baltic News Network reported that Radev intends to dissolve parliament soon, but he did not specify the date, so the Bulgarians will vote in their third general elections of the current year, after the elections in the last two times produced broken parliaments, and the parties were unable to form a majority.

Radev said that holding the two votes on the same day will save money and time, especially after he decided to dissolve Parliament at the request of the constitution and the electoral law, explaining that the future caretaker government will continue to work to eradicate corruption from state institutions.

The latest opinion polls indicate a high probability of a change in the outcome of this awaited election compared to the two previous votes, where both CED and CES were in the lead.. However, after the latter failed to strike a deal with Other parties In the wake of last July's vote, its support has collapsed and the Reform Democratic Bulgaria is currently ranked second in opinion polls after Citizens for European Development, which is backed by former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Expectations indicate that the upcoming elections may bring out a new political force in Bulgaria, as some ministers in the caretaker government led by Prime Minister Stefan Yaniv, which is very popular, indicated that they may step down from the current government to contest the next elections.