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Completion of the replacement and renewal of sewage connections for 2,000 housing units in the Red Sea

Engineer Mohamed Issa, head of the Red Sea Drinking Water and Sanitation Company, announced the completion of the replacement and renewal of domestic sewage connections in low-cost buildings in Hafr Al-Batin for 2,000 units financed and supervised by the governorate.


He explained that household sewage connections were connected to the public network, in addition to the implementation of 800 sewage inspection rooms.


He stressed the company's keenness to improve the level of services provided to citizens within the work of developing the city of Hurghada and to adhere to standard standards in all services provided to citizens, as well as to provide a clean and healthy environment through improving the level of sanitation services.


 He pointed out that this comes within the framework of the directives of Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of the Red Sea, and Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, head of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation.