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Football Association: Premier "B" kicks off on September 30th.. 4 teams from each group are relegated

The Football Association announced the launch of the second division league for the new season 2021-2022, on September 30, in its normal form, with 3 groups: "Upper, Bahri and Cairo".


The Football Association, based on the consultations that took place earlier with the officials of the clubs of the second division, announced the relegation of four teams from each group to the third division, and the return of the list of teams in the matches to 18 instead of 20 players, with three substitutions for each team in the match instead of five and the abolition of “The Chord” Break" in which players drink water.

The tripartite committee for the management of the Egyptian Football Association also decided to cancel the clause preventing the coach from training more than two teams in one season, starting from the new season.

The Football Association opened the door for coaches to take over any number of teams in one season, whether two or more teams.

The previous five-year committee had set a clause that prevented the coach from training more than two teams, and if he was the one who submitted his resignation, he is not allowed to lead any other team, and if the club dismissed him, then the coach has the right to lead a second team only.