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Is psychological stress one of the causes of low growth hormone?

Living in constant psychological pressure The feeling of anxiety, tension and permanent is one of the main reasons for the disease in the body, because of its saturation with negative energy that is increasing day by day. There are many negative effects that a person experiences as a result of negative energy controlling him.

The following report presents the effect of psychological stress on the body, according to the "facty" website, including:

The negative home environment exposes the child to a deficiency of growth hormone:

Negative feelings, the control of negative energy in the home, and the increase in family problems in the presence of a child in a stage of development, are among the things that expose him to a deficiency of growth hormone.

Impact on the mother and her health:

 Multiple studies show that exposure to continuous negative feelings affects parents and children, and therefore some studies indicated that exposure of the mother to negative feelings causes children to be exposed to many psychological problems, including obsession and anxiety, as the mother's feeling of them is transmitted to the children.

Impact on health and increases the chances of developing chronic diseases:

Psychological stress is one of the main causes of chronic diseases such as thyroid gland, diabetes, heart and high blood pressure, and therefore negative energy must be eliminated in various ways.

Increased chances of depression:

Yes, depression is the disease that accompanies you if you succumb to negative feelings and psychological stress, and therefore you must get rid of this enemy by going to a psychiatrist or engaging in many daily chores.