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Japan pledges to donate an additional 30 million doses of the Corona vaccine to other countries

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that his country will provide an additional 30 million doses of the "Covid-19" vaccine to other countries as part of international efforts to ensure equitable access to life-saving vaccines.

The Japanese newspaper, "Japan Times", reported, on its website, today, Thursday, that the pledge, which was announced at a virtual summit on the epidemic hosted by US President Joe Biden, raises Japan's total commitments to 60 million doses.

Japan has already provided more than 23 million homemade doses of AstraZeneca's "Covid-19" vaccine, about half of which have been sent directly to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, and the other half have been distributed through the Kovacs Global Facility, a program supported by the United Nations. To provide vaccines to poorer countries, Japan has also pledged $1 billion in funding.

According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, this makes Japan the world's third largest contributor of doses as of this September, after the United States and China and ahead of India and Britain.

In this regard, Suga added that Japan is helping other countries to enhance their response to the Corona virus by providing oxygen tubes and ventilators and that it "will continue this assistance to overcome the global epidemic situation."