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Morocco: Arrest of members of a terrorist cell loyal to ISIS

On Tuesday, Moroccan security authorities managed to arrest members of a terrorist cell loyal to the terrorist organization ISIS, which includes 3 people imbued with extremist ideology in the city of Rashidiya.

A Moroccan security statement stated that dismantling the cell comes within the framework of combating terrorism and preventing extremist organizations from reaching the stage of material implementation of their plans and projects that threaten public security.

The statement added that the Special Forces carried out an operation that resulted in the arrest of the main suspect, and two members of this cell were arrested, while the searches that took place in the homes of the suspects and a shop owned by one of them resulted in the seizure of information equipment, storage cards, mobile phones, and clothes. Paramilitaries, and numerous handwritten and internet-printed manuscripts incite and glorify terrorist operations.

The statement indicated that, based on investigations and tracking operations regarding the members of this terrorist cell, its alleged emir was active in recruitment and polarization among the followers of traditional religious currents. Extremist ideology among the followers, and a headquarters for planning to commit crimes against people with a terrorist background, where one of the victims was chosen as an imminent target for the killing because he worked in facilities of public interest.

The members of this terrorist cell were placed under guard, and investigations were conducted under the supervision of the Public Prosecution in charge of terrorism cases, in order to reveal the local and international links of this terrorist cell, and to identify all its subversive plans and projects, as well as to arrest everyone who was proven to be involved in linking to its extremist activities.