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Petroleum: building the capacities of workers and raising their efficiency, the most important programs of the mining sector development and modernization project

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, announced the launch of the fourth and final batch of the “Human Capabilities Development in the Mining Sector” program, which is implemented by the Mineral Resources Authority in cooperation with Enppi, within the framework of the mining sector development and modernization project, which aims to develop the administrative and technological skills of trainees to make optimal use of the economics of mining industry.


This came during Al-Mulla’s meeting with the new entrants of the Mineral Resources Authority’s fourth batch of the advanced training program, who numbered 63 trainees, bringing the total number of trainees to the program in its four phases to 311 trainees, representing different job levels, whether youth, middle management and senior management, in the presence of Eng. Alaa Khashab, Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Geologist Khaled El-Sheshtawy, Chairman of the Mineral Resources Authority, and Eng. Ashraf Bahaa, President of Enppi.


Al-Mulla stressed that building the capacity of workers and raising their efficiency is one of the most important programs of the mining sector development and modernization project, as they are the true nucleus and the main pillar of sustainable development work to place this vital sector in the ranks of the important economic sectors in the country, to contribute effectively during the next few years to support the economy and national income, pointing out The new program added the topic of sustainable development in light of the mandates issued to establish a department in each company for sustainable development in the petroleum sector, in line with the development and modernization program. From the program despite the challenges and the Corona virus crisis.


El-Molla directed to prepare to start a technical program for geologists at the Mineral Resources Authority, by benefiting from the experiences of international mining companies and successful models in this field, to hone their skills to complete training plans and make a qualitative leap for the mining sector.


Al-Mulla called on the trainees to be serious, pay attention, and take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of the program, which was prepared according to international standards, using the highest technological means and the best trainers.


It is worth mentioning that the first, second and third batches of the program were successfully completed with a total of 248 trainees.