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Popcorn is the best "snack" for diabetics.. it is low in calories and maintains a healthy heart

Diabetics face a major crisis when choosing foods that maintain sugar levels in the bloodstream, and can be eaten as just a “snack” when watching a favorite movie, as snacks are among the foods that contain harmful fats that lead to gaining more weight without feeling full, Thus, it leads to high levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

And according to a report published in the “Times of India” website, eating popcorn, which is the most favorite snack for adults and children, is the healthy option suitable for diabetics, especially since corn is one of the healthiest seeds. A diabetic can eat 3 cups of popcorn, which estimates the size of Calories are only about 99, so experts recommend eating it safely.

Experts identified some factors that made popcorn the best "snack" for diabetics:


Rich in vitamins

Because it contains healthy oils and vitamin E, vitamin B, in addition to being rich in minerals, protein and antioxidants, which maintain blood sugar levels and provide patients with important nutrients.

2. Rich in fiber

Popcorn contains a large amount of dietary fiber that avoids diabetes patients and protects them from the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes because it has good blood flow.

3. Rich in polyphenols

Popcorn contains a high percentage of antioxidants, which are present in the form of polyphenols, which protect the body from heart disease, cancer and diabetes, in addition to its ability to prevent free radicals and thus prevent the growth of cancer cells.

4. Maintaining the health of arteries and blood vessels

Since popcorn is rich in fibre, it can help remove excess cholesterol from the walls of blood vessels and arteries, thus, popcorn can reduce the chance of serious cardiovascular disease and diabetes because high blood pressure leads to high blood sugar levels.

5. Blood sugar control

The fiber in it contributes to controlling blood sugar. When the body receives enough fiber, it manages blood sugar and insulin better than people with low levels of fiber, so it is always recommended to use popcorn as a healthy snack if we suffer from diabetes. .