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The Arab League will hold a meeting of the technical committees for land and sea transport tomorrow

The work of the joint meeting of the technical committees for land, sea and multimodal transport will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, at the headquarters of the Arab League, and will last for two days in attendance.


The agenda of the joint meeting includes a number of topics related to the Arab transport sector, including the guiding guide for precautionary measures in the Arab transport sector to deal with emergencies, in light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus pandemic and its repercussions, which posed a major challenge to the international community and that the Arab transport sector is one of the most sectors affected by the negative effects of the pandemic.


This guide was prepared through the formation of three working groups, namely, the land transport team, the maritime transport team, and the air transport team, under the supervision of the Department of Transport and Tourism in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.


The meeting will also discuss the establishment of a comprehensive Arab electronic platform for road, rail, sea and multimodal transport, a proposal submitted by the Ministry of Transport in the Arab Republic of Egypt to the 33rd session of the Council of Arab Transport Ministers on (October: 2020) with the aim of contributing to facilitating the transfer of trade between Arab countries .


Ways to finance the cost of a comprehensive feasibility study for a project to establish an Arab mechanism and a database to support the shipbuilding and repair industry in the Arab countries will be discussed.


The results and recommendations of the aforementioned joint meeting will be submitted to the next session (34) of the Council of Arab Transport Ministers (October 2021) for consideration and action.