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The failure of contract negotiations between Al-Ismaili and the talent of Palestine..I know the reason

Negotiations between the Ismaili club and the Palestinian Mohamed Al-Saleh, the Egyptian Port Said player, failed due to differences between the two parties over the terms of the contract.

Al-Ismaili wanted to contract with the player to strengthen his defense line in the new season, and Mohamed Al-Saleh did not participate with Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi in the last season due to his crisis with Ali Maher, the former Egyptian coach, who relied on some players throughout the season, despite loaning the player last season to Ismailia Electricity, one of the clubs The third section in Ismailia and starred greatly, which prompted the green administration to return again after the injury of Islam Abu Salima to the cruciate ligament, but the technical director did not participate in any match last season.

Talaat Youssef, the technical director of the Ismaili Club, decided that his team would enter a closed camp in Alexandria from September 26 to October 12, in preparation for the new season, in order to prepare the players technically and physically for the next stage, after the Competitions Committee announced the launch of the new version of the league on the twenty-fifth of the month. next October.


In another context, Talaat Youssef, the technical director of the Ismaili Club, held a meeting with his team players at the beginning of his journey with the Dervishes, to explain the plan for the next stage and to emphasize the importance of not complacency in the training, and Talaat Youssef told the players that his motto is commitment and he will not give up and will not accept complacency. From any player, whatever his name in the team, stressing that adherence to the instructions of the technical staff will be a visa for any player to pass the basic formation in the new season, whether technical instructions or even outside the field, warning of the danger of underestimating the implementation of what was stated in this meeting throughout the season.