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The Football Association addresses the clubs to determine the proposed amendments to the regulations to complete the procedures

The Egyptian Football Association, headed by Ahmed Megahed, sent to the member clubs of the federation's general assembly, requesting that it be provided with the proposed amendments to the statutes for submission to the FIFA, as requested.
The International Football Association had responded to the request of the Egyptian Federation of the desire of the member clubs to hold an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly to make amendments to the regulation. The response included three points:
1. The regulation to be amended is recent and was approved in a general assembly on November 29, 2020 and finally approved by the International Federation on June 2, 2021.
2. The International Federation considers that the next step is to hold elections, as it is the remaining task of the assignments it set for the committee in charge of managing the Federation.
3. The International Federation wishes to see the proposed amendments specifically under the circumstances referred to in the two preceding points before proceeding with this step.
For its part, the Egyptian Federation seeks to fulfill its mission by calling for elections to choose a new board of directors, and fulfilling the clubs’ requests regarding the regulation at the same time.