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The Minister of Health in Japan expects the epidemiological situation to improve and the Corona emergency to be raised at the end of September

Japanese Health Minister Norihisa Tamura expressed confidence in the improvement of the COVID-19 situation nationwide, which would allow the central government to end the Corona emergency at the end of this September.


"We expect the situation to improve enough to lift the Corona emergency in many areas towards the end of September, if the rate of new coronavirus infections continues to decline," Tamura said at a press conference, according to the Japanese newspaper, the Japan Times, today, Saturday.


Yesterday, Japan announced the extension of the state of emergency in the capital, Tokyo and 18 other prefectures, until September 30, in light of the pressures experienced by the medical sector in the country.


Tamura reported that severe cases of coronavirus infection and deaths from it are still high, so the medical system is still under pressure.


"We need to do more to improve patients' access to needed medical care," he said, citing the need to build temporary medical facilities and ensure patients at home have access to oxygen.