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The Russian Election Commission: a comprehensive system for monitoring polling by cameras

Ella Pamfilova, head of Russia's Central Election Commission, said that a comprehensive video monitoring system has been set up to monitor the conduct of voting during the State Duma elections.

According to Russia Today, the head of the committee added during the first scientific conference "The Role of Civil Society in Ensuring Democratic Standards for the Organization and Conduct of Elections": "Video cameras cover 96% of polling stations across the country."

Voting in the State Duma, and other elections, will take place on this year's unified voting day from 17-19 September.

During which, members of the State Duma will be elected for a term of five years, according to a mixed electoral system, 225 deputies are elected according to party lists, and another 225 deputies through single-seat constituencies, in one round.

14 parties were registered to participate in the upcoming Duma elections.