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The start of the new school year in Algeria and the regularity of more than 10 million students

 The new school year began in Algeria, today, Tuesday, as more than 10 million students attended all stages of basic education, in light of the emphasis on the need to take all precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

The Algerian Ministry of Education had postponed the date of school entry, which was scheduled for September 7, to ensure that all precautionary measures were taken and after the approval of the higher authorities in the country in order to give more time to continue the process of vaccinating those in charge of the education sector and to prepare an accurate census for the vaccinators and to ensure that all Indications to ensure safe school entry.

The Algerian security services have taken the necessary measures to secure the surroundings of all educational institutions, including nurseries, primary schools, as well as universities and university quarters, by developing a tight security plan in coordination with the relevant authorities, in preparation for the new school year.

Algeria announced the start of the production of the first quantities of the anti-Corona vaccine, on September 29, and the Algerian Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Abdel Rahman Lotfi Jamal bin Ahmed, explained, in his statements, that it is expected to produce one million doses of the “Corona Vacc” serum next October, and two million doses November, 3 million doses in December, and more than 5 million doses starting from January 2022.

The minister indicated that the Corona Vaccine vaccine will be produced at the production station of the Saidal complex in Constantine, in cooperation with the Chinese company, Sinovac, adding that production capacities are estimated at 320,000 doses per day over 8 hours, which is equivalent to 8 million doses. In month.

He said that Algeria can reach the production of 200 million doses annually through the production unit (Saidal) in the province of Constantine, noting that Algeria possesses industrial and human capabilities that enable it to respond to the needs of the country and a number of countries on the African continent.