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The United Nations: More than 350,000 people have been identified as killed by the conflict in Syria

 The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said that the number of people who were killed in the Syrian conflict during the ten years between March 2011 and March 2021, and whose identity has been determined, reached 350,209 people.


Bachelet added - in a speech, yesterday, Friday, before the Human Rights Council, currently in its forty-eighth session in Geneva - that her office, in cooperation with civil society and with the participation of the Syrian government, carried out this complex work; To determine the extent of civilian casualties in Syria, and collected data on the numbers and circumstances in which they were killed, following a strict methodology, as the numbers included only people who could be identified by their full name, date of death, and the governorates in which they were killed, while any information that does not include this was excluded. The three elements and a comprehensive review to prevent duplicate entries.


She pointed out that the number, in the last update in this regard, in August 2014, had reached 191,369 dead, adding that there is a woman out of every 13 victims, that is, there are 26,727 women in total, in addition to 27,126 children, where there is also a child. out of every 13 victims.


The UN official stated that the largest number of documented killings was recorded in Aleppo Governorate, where 51,731 people were killed.


She said that other provinces that witnessed a large number of deaths were Damascus countryside, where 47,483 people were killed, Homs, where 40,986 people were killed, Idlib, where 33,271 people were killed, Hama 31,933 people, and Tartous, where 31,369 people were killed. person.