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Togo coach: We have a weak chance of qualifying for the World Cup.. Queiroz is lucky with the Pharaohs

Paolo Duarte, coach of the Togo national team, revealed that he is facing many challenges with Togo in the current period due to the weak technical level of the team. The team is incomplete and some positions are missing due to the process of passing between generations. It has become very difficult, especially with the World Cup qualification plan. We have a group of young people but our defense is weak, so we need a lot of efforts.”

Duarte added, "I took over the task last month, and I learned about the difficult conditions at the beginning, and Togo was suffering from a major failure in the last 4 years, as they did not even qualify for the African Nations finals, and we seek to qualify for Africa at least."

He continued, "Our group is strong in the presence of the Senegal national team, and this is a very big challenge for me because Togo does not have the best team that can compete. We lost the first two matches, but Togo needs to think about the future more, especially in qualifying for the African Nations, the Flag Cup of course is an excellent opportunity and we have the desire, but We don't have the ingredients.

And about Queiroz, the coach of the Pharaohs, Paulo said, “I talk from time to time with Queiroz and we know each other, and when he was coach of Portugal, we were in constant contact, and when I was in Côte d’Ivoire, we talked a lot and met more than once. , I think he is able to succeed and has a large group of players able to choose from among them and Queiroz is one of the greatest coaches of Portugal and I wish him success. Egypt has a great opportunity in the current generation specifically for success, and I have been contacted more than once to train a big club in Egypt, but I do not care about the material But with the clear project of the team I am responsible for.