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What are the negative effects of low testosterone on men?

Testosterone is the male hormone and is secreted by the adrenal gland, this hormone works to put it in the testicles of men and its high percentage is good, and in the ovaries in women and its decrease is required, and it may be the reason why a man is exposed to some health problems due to its low percentage, the most famous of which is weakness Fertility and increased fat accumulation in the body.

During the report published on the "healthline" website, we will learn about the effects of high testosterone in men, and its importance.


Testosterone is one of the most important hormones, which helps to increase sexual desire, and is also responsible for the production of semen in men, as it works to strengthen the muscles in the body, maintains bone density, and also works to increase the production of red blood cells in men.

The report presented many symptoms that indicate a low level of testosterone in men, the most important of which are weak sexual desire in men, erectile dysfunction and fertility, and causes high body fat percentage, muscle weakness with increased chances of osteoporosis, and causes men to suffer from gynecomastia, Hot flashes in the body, increased feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, and insomnia.


Among the main reasons that increase the chances of developing low testosterone levels are varicose veins, hormonal disorders, liver disease, diabetes and kidney disease, weight gain and smoking, all of which increase the chances of developing a low percentage.


The report indicated that there are blood tests that help detect the percentage of testosterone deficiency, which is the testosterone test.

The doctor treats low testosterone by taking alternative medications, which help compensate for it.