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Young women volleyball players begin their journey to determine the positions in the world championships against Bulgaria on Monday

Ayman Ghazlan, a member of the board of directors of the temporary committee of the Volleyball Federation and the acting executive director of the federation, revealed that the under-18 women's team competed for places from 17 to 20 in the World Championships held in Mexico after losing all the first round matches.

Ghozlan said that the women's team will start the journey to determine the positions against Bulgaria on Monday, after having a rest today and tomorrow from the matches.

The women's youth team lost the volleyball to Peru, Turkey and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The list of players for the women's volleyball team included: Farah Ezz, Malak Al-Buhairi, Taqi Allah, Medhat, Maryam Yasser, Malak Shaheen, Ayat Yassin, Shahanda Hatem, Farida Hisham, Habiba Zaatar, Hana Ayman and Farida Al-Zarqa, Farah Zaki.


The delegation of the young women’s team in Mexico was headed by Nadia Rashwan, a member of the board of directors of the temporary committee, Ibrahim Fakhr El-Din as the team manager, Naglaa Al-Masry as a coach, Ayman Fouad, a coach, and Mai Mahmoud, a technical analyst.