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Details of the Emirati unity negotiations with Musimani

Talks have increased during the last period about the offers received by Al-Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane, especially since the club has not announced the renewal of Mosimane's contract so far.

Some talked about African offers that Musimani received and others from the Gulf countries that tried to sign the South African coach, who has achieved good successes with Al-Ahly since he took charge on October 1, 2020.

In this regard, a source in Al-Ahly said that Musimani had already received many foreign offers in the last period, explaining that this is normal against the background of the achievements that Musimani achieved with Al-Ahly.

And the source continued: There are many clubs in Africa, Asia and the Arab region that want to contract with Musimani, but the latter resolved his position and announced that he decided to stay with Al-Ahly without hesitation.

The source continued: The Emirati Al Wahda is one of the clubs that recently expressed its desire to contract with Musimani. The UAE club is currently looking for a coach and negotiated with the French coach, Bartres Carteron, the coach of Zamalek, and the negotiations did not succeed, so he turned the tide of negotiations with Musimani with attempts to "test the pulse", but the coach of Al-Ahly He closed the door early because he wanted to stay with Al-Ahly.

The source stressed that Musimani does not think about leaving Al-Ahly at all, although the offers presented to him are very tempting and amount to double what he gets in Al-Ahly, but he wants to continue his experience with the Red Genie and complete his project in the Red Castle.

The source said that Musimani refused to realize one of his most important dreams in the last period when he apologized for coaching the South African national team because of his desire to continue his experience with Al-Ahly, so how does he now view Gulf offers, especially in light of Al-Ahly's adherence to it?

The source said that Musimani's stay with Al-Ahly is settled, especially after the "Hoga" loss of the local Super against the Vanguard of the Army recently passed peacefully, and almost everyone in the club agreed to renew the contract of the South African coach.

Musimani's contract with Al-Ahly expires in June 2022 because the coach signed a contract with Al-Ahly for a season and a half.


Musimani has led Al-Ahly since October 2020, and he won several titles with him, namely, the African Champions League on two occasions, the African Super Cup and the Egypt Cup, in addition to the bronze of the Club World Cup, while he lost the League Championship and the local Super Cup recently.